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Most MSMEs find it challenging to manage HR effectively. If you are facing any of these challenges, you are one them.

  • Your business doesn’t have dedicated resource for managing HR administration.
  • You find it difficult to keep up with labour laws and regulations.
  • You get confused during appraisals.
  • What challenges businesses face
    without dedicated HR SUPPORT?

    Improper documentation:

    Companies are required to manage complete documentation including KYC, joining documents and HR documents.

    Unresolved grievances:

    Without dedicated HR support, employees’ grievances remain unsolved which may lead to dissatisfaction towards company.

    Lacking proper policies

    Every company require certain policies, including attendance, leave, probation, confirmation, separation, POSH, dress code and many more. Without these policies, companies struggle to keep these aspects streamlined.

    Irregular performance tracking

    Companies grow, when their employees grow. How will companies know if their employees are growing without effective performance tracking?

    63+ million MSMEs in India

    70% MSMEs don’t have HR Department

    140 Mn+ People are employed in MSME

    Do you need help in managing your HR?

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    How Virtual HR can help you?

    HR Policy design
    Employee handbook creating
    Employee onboarding
    Maintaining employee record
    Employee attendance and leave management
    - Employee helpdesk
    Payroll management
    Labour & Compliance management
    Employee benefit management
    Employee confirmation management
    Employee separation management
    HR software set up
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    How can you benefit from Virtual HR?


    By outsourcing HR functions to virtual service providers, businesses can save significant amounts of money on staffing and associated overhead costs.

    Expert Advice

    Virtual HR providers have extensive experience working with companies in different industries and can provide valuable insight into best practices and compliance requirements.

    Major time-saver

    By outsourcing HR functions to virtual service providers, businesses can free up time and resources that can be invested on core activities of businesses that help drive growth and success.


    Whether it's payroll processing, compliance management, benefits administration, or employee relations, virtual HR providers can offer customized solutions that align with a company's unique goals and priorities.


    Virtual HR services are scalable, which means they can adapt to a company's changing needs and requirements.

    Improved efficiency

    Virtual HR models enhance efficiency by utilizing cloud-based software that simplifies HR processes, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

    Easy access to HR Team

    The availability of the virtual HR team provides employees a convenient way to connect with them at any time, without the need for an appointment. The virtual HR team is accessible via chat, email, and phone.

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    Dedicated HR support

    Advanced HR software

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